5.Rough Diamond Assortment Techniques-diamond education

Rough Diamond Assortment Techniques, if we want to assort rough diamonds, the first step is we will assort rough diamonds according to their rough shape.

  • perfect shape diamonds: first we assort perfect shape diamonds from whole loose diamonds.
  • medium shape diamonds: here we assort diamonds that disorder, long width-short height, crooked and shocked diamonds.
  • lower shape diamonds: we take diamonds that flat and chips type of diamonds, these diamonds are not useful for round brilliant cut diamonds.

if we estimate polish weight from rough diamonds, we can see how can we do it?

  1. Round Shape diamond: generally, round shape rough diamonds have more recovery of polished weight, if rough diamonds have dodecahedron(round) shape. we use a four-point sawing technique for this. we can recover 55%-60% polished weight in this technique. sometimes we use a two-point, three-point sawing process also.
  2. crystal shape diamond: if a diamond has an octahedron (crystal) shape, we use four-point sawing, in this process, we will achieve 45%-50% weight.
  3. cube shape diamond: we use the three-point sawing technique because cube diamonds have occurred diamond shape, we achieve 35%-40% polished weight.
  4. triangle/ tetrahedron shape diamond: these types of diamonds need to bruting, after bruting we achieve 30% – 35% polished weight.
  5. lower shape diamonds: this type of diamonds has chip shape flate diamonds, we can recover 20% – 25% polished weight. so why round brilliant cut is not profitable to make. so generally we make rose-cut or baguette-cut diamonds.

2.fancy shape rough diamonds:

if we try to estimate fancy cut polished diamonds, we see to below possibilities.

  1. the rough shape of a diamond is more adjustable.
  2. rough diamond should be clean or less inclusion by clarity.
  3. diamond has good enough size.

natural mine diamond has its own rough shape, so we estimate polish weigh according to their shape that’s more reasonable. to achieve polished weight. for example, if we polish octahedron shape rough diamond we will achieve 45% – 50% polished weight in the round brilliant cut. and the same as we try to make princess shape we will recover 60% -65% polished weight in the same rough diamond