Diamond Distribution Chart/ diamond manufacturing process


Gem Quality Diamond Distribution Chart and diamond manufacturing process. let’s understanding what’s is happening inside the diamond industry, how diamonds have come to your fingers.

there are two main systems for selling diamonds, its simple funnel.

1.De Beers Selling Funnel

de beers have created a central selling organization called ” CSO” this company is based in the London-united kingdom. currently, they are also working from debswana-Botswana.

  1. DeBeers selling diamonds through already approved Sight-holders, sight holders are diamond manufacturers, Debeers Contract With them with one-year up to three years.
  2. after buying diamonds from CSO diamond manufacturers are cutting and polish diamonds.
  3. after polishing of diamonds, diamonds will be sell to “diamond dealers”.
  4. diamond dealers will sell diamonds to “jewelry manufacturers”, jewelry manufactures will set diamonds to different types of jewelry. and make a furnished “diamond jewelry”.
  5. after made diamond jewelry, jewelry manufacturers will sell furnished jewelry to jewelry wholesalers or jewelry retailers.
  6. and finally “diamond jewelers” will sell to end customers.

2.other diamond producers who are not part of DeBeers “CSO”

  1. Sell Diamonds Direct Diamond Manufacturers or diamond dealers
  2. After selling diamonds to the manufacturer, both are the same as DeBeer’s selling funnel.

Debeers and other major diamond producers directly sell diamonds to diamond manufacturers. but are you know what they do with diamonds? how they manufacture diamonds?

3.diamond manufacturing process or flow chart of the diamond process

  • diamond mining: when diamonds are mined, diamond producers are assorted diamonds accordingly to each diamond’s quality, clarity, or color types.
  • diamond assortment: Rough Diamonds Are major assorted by these types: SAWABLE, CLEAVABLE, MAKEBLE, FANCY, OR REJECTIONS
  • diamond manufacturing: diamond manufacturers buy diamonds according to their demand and which type of diamonds they are work for.
  • Diamond planning: diamond manufacturers will be planning diamonds, they plan each diamond for how can they do the best cutting or most brilliant diamond.
  • diamond sawing: after the planning of diamonds, diamonds will be sent to the sawing process. The diamond sawing process is very useful for remove blemishes or impurities from the diamond.
  • diamond bruting: after sawing of diamonds, diamonds are clean and ready for further process, as we know the round brilliant cut is round shape, for do that diamond girdle is brute by diamond bruting machine.
  • diamond polishing: now the final step in a factory is diamond polishing, skilled artisans have done faceting on the surface of a diamond by dop or polishing wheel.
  • diamond grading: now diamonds are sent to the grading, here is diamond evaluate by color, clarity, cut, or carat. and ready for sending to the market.

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