Diamond Manufacturing process


diamond manufacturing process, when diamond mine from mines, the diamond was not so beautiful, that’s like a simple rock! if we need diamond shine, we want to polish them. diamond polishing is too tricky work, it needs some calculation or safety.

for polish diamonds, we need some process, like diamond planing, diamond sawing, diamond cleaving, diamond bruting, and diamond polishing. so let’s deep dive into the diamond manufacturing process.

1.diamond planing/diamond marking

rough diamond

for make diamond shiny diamond planing is the first step. in this step diamond planner is decide about this diamond is will come in which shape, which purity and which color will get. the diamond planner is a rough plan according to diamond purity, color, or clarity of the diamond. planner plan diamonds according to impurities of diamonds because impurities are causes for diamond shine. remove of impurity is subject to a higher price of each diamond. but diamond planing is complicated work.

2.diamond sawing/ diamond cutting

diamond sawing is part to remove impurity in diamonds. in this process diamond is cut from the part when an impurity is available, after sawing diamond break in two parts, the first part is a clean part and another one is with impurities. diamond sawing is done by two technology, 1st is blade sawing and 2nd is laser sawing.

Blade Sawing: in this process diamond will be stick into white soil and fixed into a steel die after this die will be fixed into a blade sawing machine. in this methine a steel blade available, the steel blade is fast-moving like a wheel, the blade is cut diamond from where impurities are available and cut diamond from there.

diamond sawing 300x169 1

laser sawing: in this process diamonds will stick in white soil, and fixed into the die, and this die will be fixed into a diamond sawing machine, in this machine a laser light is available, laser light is strongly inflammable, its capable for cut diamonds where we want.

3.diamond cleaving


diamond cleaving is a similar part of laser sawing or blade sawing. in this process, a diamond will be stick into white soil and one steel blade is putting on the surface of a diamond. after doing this a small hammer is put on the blade forcefully. and diamond will break from that side.

4.diamond bruting


in this process, we make the round shape of rough diamonds. this process is only for if we need a round brilliant cut. diamond will be fixed into dop of bruting machine this dop will rotate in the same position clockwise. and the same opposite side a diamond powder plated diamond plate is rotating anti-clockwise, both will abrase each other and rough diamond turns into a round shape from the girdle side.

5.diamond polishing

diamond polishing is the hardest work in all process, it’s very important in all of the processes. if we need a perfect price for a diamond we have to concentrate on diamond polishing, polishing is worth of a diamond.

here is a diamond polishing wheel with coated of diamond power, this wheel rotate 3000-3500 round per minute. diamond has fixed into dop called in Gujarati “angur”. dop will be touched with a diamond on the polishing wheel.

diamond polishing in surat,diamond manufcturing in surat

Table Polishing: first, we polish the table portion of the diamond.

Bottom Polishing: and then we polish the top four portions on the bottom side of the diamond, and then four corners of the bottom. we polish a total of 24 facets on the bottom side.

Top Polishing: the top side we polish the first 4 facets and 4 corner facets, and then 4facets of table corner. and 16 facets on upper-girdle facets. we polish a total of 32 facets on the top portion of diamonds.

round brilliant-cut has a total of 57 facets.

each shape of diamonds has different polishing techniques and different facets of diamonds.

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