physical diamond properties-diamond education


diamonds are nature’s miracle it comes with their own physical diamond properties. let’s know about born natural diamonds properties.

  • chemical composition: carbon (c), (99.95%)
  • crystal system: cubic
  • refractive index: 2.417
  • specific gravity: 3.52
  • luster: adamantine
  • hardness: 10
  • dispersion: 0.044
  • color: white, yellow, red, blue, black, most of all colors

diamond hardness- moh’s hardness scale

diamond manufacturing

if we try to measures any rock we use moh’s scale system, we use 10 different rocks for comparison of each hardness. maximum rank of hardness is 10. in this system to scale, we use edge material and scrape on the surface each rock. we scale resistance of each rock.

in the year 1818, Mr. fedric Mohs, name scientist first-time invention this system, so why we say this system As Moh’s scale.

Mineral: Hardness Number

  1. Talc: 1
  2. Gypsum: 2
  3. Calcite: 3
  4. Fluorite: 4
  5. Appetite: 5
  6. Orthoscale: 6
  7. Quartz: 7
  8. Topaz: 8
  9. Corundum: 9
  10. Diamond: 10

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