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we saw in the last article about rough diamond assortment, now we learn about which types of tools are used for the perfect assortment of rough diamonds.

a perfect condition for perfect rough diamond assortment:

  1. the first step is light, we need the perfect light environment for assortment because we need to see a small pinpoint inclusion into a diamond.
  2. concentration: we need to concentrate on assortment some disturbance can pervert our work.

Let’s talk about diamond tools,

1.Diamond Weighing Balance:

A weighing scale is most important for the weight of a diamond, a metric system for weight a diamond is “Carat”. the weight scale is available from 50 carats up to 1000 carats. an electronic scale is accurate as 0.001 carats.

2.Diamond Tweezers

Diamond Tweezers are made from stainless steel, they used in every step of diamond manufacturing.  tweezers are useful for polished diamond assortment because polished diamonds are so clean if we touch diamond with fingers, the diamond could be dull.

3.Diamond Scoop

Diamond Scoop Is Made From Stainless Steel, Generally Use For Weight Of Diamonds, Because We Can’t Prefer To Touch Diamonds by hand, it causes diamonds to may dirty.

4.Diamond Tray

Diamond Tray Made From Wood, Tray is Covered By Velvet Clothes, its small block on it, so assortment made easy.

5.Diamond White Pad

Its Made From Thick White Paper, It’s Cover by Plastic frame because it still stands when we do assortment. generally used for a small polished diamond assortment.

6.Diamond Tripod

Diamond Tripod Is  10x Zoom Lens, This Lens Is Set into three steel pods. height is adjustable accordingly. we use a white pad for assorting polished diamonds into a tripod.

7.Diamond EyeGlass

Its 10x Lens Framed Into Plastic or sometimes steel body, we can use this in hands. we take this in hand and we take diamonds in another hand with a tweezer for viewing diamonds. Diamond Eyeglass Is Available In 8x, 10x or 12x.

8.Diamond Head Loupe

Head Loupe Is Look Like Glasses, it has a belt for adjusting the length according to a person’s head size.  head loupe has a 10x lens. used for a large number of diamonds.

9.Diamond Eye Loupe

Diamond Loupe Is the Same Look like Eye Glass, Some Little Difference In See Diamonds Into it. its come in 8x, 10x, and 12x zoom lens.

10.Diamond Microscope

in Many Diamonds, Diamond Assortment by Eye Is Difficult so we use Diamond Microscope For Assurance Of Our Decision. Electronic Diamond Microscope Is available in the market.

11.Diamond Sieve Box

Sort Diamonds By Its Size, Diamond Sieve Is Most Important Tool. Diamond Sieve is Plates With Little Holes inside of it. A-Holes Is varies by plate number, each plate holes are Millimeter wise. The total number of plates is 36. with a difference of 0.5 number.

we put diamonds into the sieve box by taking the sieve plate that we need, after putting the diamonds we shake the diamond sieve box. diamonds are unable to throughout from it, is bigger than that size, and the number of diamonds is an exit that means that diamonds are smaller by diameter that we need.

12.Florence Lamp

Its Tube-light or Just White Lamp Of Light, The White light is Standard For Use Diamond Assortment. because there is a different environment by places, each place is the different light environment, and light affects diamonds color.

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