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Rough Diamond Shapes,  In All Minerals Category, Diamonds Are Highest Crystalized Structure. Diamond Crystalised Structure makes diamonds toughest. The Crystalised structure of Diamonds is also important to decide rough diamond prices. because we can predict polished wight after seeing the structure of the diamond.

let’s see some common diamond shapes,

1.Octahedron Shape Rough Diamonds

uncut diamond 1

Octahedron shape rough diamond is 8 triangle rough facets. These different facets mostly are the same. is have 12 edges or veins and 6 points are joined together. for cleavage octahedron rough diamonds we use a 4point system, we will get better-polished wight than other sawing systems. octahedron shapes are the most profitable rough shape because they will get the best-polished weight to compare to other diamond shapes.

2.Rhombic Dodecahedron Shape Rough Diamonds

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Dodecahedron Rough Diamonds Are 12 Rough Facets. this is crystalised 24 Veins With 6 Four Points Or 8 Three Points Edges. This Shapes Has Facets and Veins Are Rounded. A perfect Rhombic Dodecahedron are Rare. Rhombic crystal structure also included Tetrakis hexahedron and hexakis octahedron and also triakis octahedron crystalised structure. tetrakis hexahedron are 24 facets, and hexakis Octahedron are 48 facets.

3.Cube Shape Rough Diamonds

Cube Shape Rough Diamonds 1 1

in cube rough diamonds are 6 same square facets. all are connected with 90 degrees. it has 12 veins connected with 8 points. These types of diamonds are gem quality or industrial quality mixed. mostly founded in brazil mines. These types of rough diamond facets are Fuzzy and smooth. if the facets are uprooted outside then this is called ” conex cube “. and if facets are uprooted inside the stone then its called ” concave cube “.

4.Triangle Shape Rough Diamond

Triangle Shape Rough Diamond

Triangle Shape Rough Diamonds Are Naturally Joint Structure Of Two Diamonds. Its Triangle And Flattened. Its Too Tough To Achieve Best Polished Weight Out put.

5.Tetrahedron Shape Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond Assortment Techniques

This Type Of Rough Shape Are 4 Rough Facets, And Every Facets Are 6 Veins And 4 Points. So Why Its Look Pyramid Shape. Tetrahedron shapes are rare.

6.Twin Shape Rough Diamond

combination of forms shape of rough diamonds

Twin shape rough diamonds are three types,

  1. twin octa shape rough diamond
  2. twin dodeca shape rough diamond
  3. twin cube shape rough diamond

twin shape rough diamonds, origin crystal(primary) are 2 joints crystals. this crystals are enters in each other. otherwise they joints by one facet.

7.Multiply crystal shape rough diamonds

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this type of rough diamonds are, two or more crystals are joints each other.

8.combination of forms-shape of rough diamonds

Multiply crystal shape rough diamonds 248x300 1

when two or more crystals are joints, its called a combination of forms. The most common forms are triakis octahedron and tetrakis hexahedron are jointed with hexakis octahedron. this has flattened and lengthy shapes. sometimes it’s rounded. fancy shapes like marquise, pear, and heart also a combination of forms.

9.irregular crystals- shape of rough diamonds

irregular crystals shape of rough diamonds 300x225 2

irrespective of crystal structure called irregular crystal shape rough diamonds. mostly these crystals are found in the surface of rivers. it’s difficult to find the accurate shape or crystal structure.

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